Create 3 Retro Text Animations Using After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | December 3, 2021

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Tutorials by: Mograph Mill

Today we wanted to feature these stunning typography tutorials by Mograph Mill. Fairly new on the scene, this instructor has an eye for visually stunning typography, and knows how to explain his animations in a thorough, simple and easy to follow way. We love the outcome, and if you are inpatient, you can download his tutorial project files to follow along! Be sure to subscribe and follow Mograph Mill for future tutorials!

Download Project Files

From the instructor:

Hello! In this Adobe After Effects tutorial I’ll show you how to create a really smooth motion trail effect using only native effects. Once you've created the look it will be super easy to adapt and apply it to all kinds of animations. I'll also show you a few small compositing tips to give your assets a quick and easy retro feel.


Tutorial 2 - Create This Spooky Halloween Text

From the instructor:

Hey! In this Adobe After Effects tutorial we'll be creating this spooky looking dripping liquid text effect, perfect for your halloween projects! It's created all in After Effects, with now plugins and is procedural and really easy to adapt!

Download Project Files


Tutorial 3 - Create A Hand Crafted Look

From The Instructor:

Hello! In this Adobe After Effects tutorial I'll show you how to give your designs a hand crafted look. Firstly we'll go over how to make your text look like it's been hand drawn, and then we'll create some textures and transitions to give the composition a hand painted style.

Download Project Files




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