Top 20 Motion Design Tutorials Of 2020

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It’s been an incredible year for creators around the world, and we have some of the best data when it comes to Motion Tutorials. We have collected our data for they year to share with you what tutorials are the most popular 2020. We’ve archived some of the best tutorials from 2017 and 2018, and now we are back again to do it for 2020!

Our number one After Effects tutorial for the year was by Dope Motions, who continues to put out some incredible work. Animated typography and Motion Graphics was really popular this year, and Dope Motions really did a great job captivating the look and feel of the style, while sharing a tone of information. He has an incredible channel where he puts out amazing tutorials, plugins and loads of other stuff. Our most popular Cinema 4D Tutorial of the year was by Trak, who created this beautiful topology map effect that creators have really gravitated towards. His tutorial is not free, but noteworthy as he originally offered it as such. Be sure to support Trak in all of his efforts. A close second for C4D tutorials is this holographic city tutorial by Videofort, who has really took over in terms of Cinema 4D tutorials. Other noteworthy mentions on the list for this year are the amazing liquid text animations by Griffin GFX, Fire Hands by Black Mixture, and Pride logo animation by Move Shapes.

Learn How To Create Curved 3D Text In After Effects

Duration: 13 Min 20 Sec

Tutorial by: Dope Motions When working with typography it can be so hard to find cool ways to animate it on to the screen. Dope Motion tries to help us remedy this with this awesome tutorial! Thanks Dope Motion for your tireless work making tutorials FREE for all! If you like this tutorial, be sure to show Dope Motion some love. From the instructor: In this video, we will learn to create Creative Typography Animation in After Effects I would […]

Create Beautiful Topology In Cinema 4D And After Effects

Duration: 00:17

Tutorial by: Trak Learn how to create this intricate topology map effect using Octane Cinema 4D, and After Effects. This beautiful effect is broken down effortlessly in this advanced tutorial. Be sure to subscribe to Trak for part 2!

Create This Amazing Holographic City Map Using After Effects And Cinema 4D

Duration: 1hr 21min

Tutorial by: VideoFort Check out this well thought out tutorial merging both After Effects and Cinema 4D! Learn how to create these amazing holographic map effects, all from scratch. From the instructor: WHAT’S UP VIDEOFORT LEGENDS! VF Don… Aka MotionSquared… Aka the UK Post Production Killa really pulled out all the stops with this one. Want the project files? No Problem! All you have to do is click the link below, buy the Kindle or paperback version of our CEO’s […]

Morph Any Object Quickly Using Super Morphings – After Effects Plugin

Duration: 8 min and 17 sec

Tutorial by: aescripts + aeplugins Welcome to the easiest shape morphing in After Effects for 2020. Super Morphings has proved to be the one of the most powerful morphing plugins out there, and comes with a handy how -to tutorial as well. Check out the examples below of how you can take simple shapes, and morph them together to create dynamic morph animations using the plugin! The plugin is not free but cost $45, and could be helpful if you […]

How To Create This Square Dancing Tracking Effect

Duration: 12 Min 26 Sec

Tutorial by: Max Novak You’ve may have seen this super popular effect trending on instagram by @cache_bunny and other social networks recently, now you will learn how to create this amazing effect in after effects thanks to Max Novak! If you like this tutorial, be sure to subscribe to Max and his amazing content. From the instructor: In today’s video, we’ll go over how to create an awesome looking square split / mirror looking effect that can be used for […]

Create This Dripping Lava Effect In After Effects

Duration: 4 Min

Tutorial by: Film Riot Film Riot has turned creating tutorials into an art, with this lightning fast dripping effect tutorial that makes this lava effect look amazing. They also show how in can be incorporated into a 3D sword, which makes for some really cool looks. Though the dripping effect cost $29 dollars, Film Riot also has a ton of other free effects for you to check out! You can download both below.

Create This Mesmerizing Iridescent Cloth Animation In Cinema 4D

Duration: 16 Min 17 Sec

Tutorial By: Saurabh Kanwar Creating this effect seems timely given the amount of times I’ve seen it out in the wild. Know that this is an advanced C4D tutorial that requires Octane. From the Instructor: Wavy iridescent cloth animation using Cinema 4D, Octane and After Effects. This technique can be used to create super-quick daily renders with Baugasm style gradients or even using it as a motion graphic element in other projects.

Social Addiction: Character Creation Workflow With Adobe Animate and After Effects

Duration: 13 Min 47 Sec

Tutorial by:Gareso Leaning into motion graphics you’ll find a variety of styles. This style is common, but sometimes it’s hard to pin point just exactly how it’s done. Well, look no further, as Gareso has Kindly broken down his process into plain speak so that we can all understand. This is more of an overview that an in depth tutorial, but you can get a good sense of what was done!    

Create This Fire Hand And Learn VFX Basics

Duration: 25 Min 25 Sec

Tutorial by: Black Mixture What an amazing tutorial from this very talented vloger Black Mixture! Here you will learn how to create this fire hand, while learn some cool basics like tracking, masking and blend modes. Be sure to check out some of our other tutorials if you’re really feeling the flames. From the Instructor: We are diving into Adobe After Effects! Where better to start than the absolute basics? For today’s tutorial, we’ll be going over making a super […]

3 Amazing RGB Liquid Text Tutorials In After Effects

Duration: 6 min 31 sec

Tutorial by: Griffin GFX Not only will you learn how to create this popular instagram effect, but you will also be able to download the project files so you can follow along! Be sure to show support for all of the creators below. From the instructor: After teaching you guys how to create a vibrant melting liquid text effect in Photoshop I decided we should bring it to life by animating it inside Adobe After Effects. If you haven’t seen […]

Breakdown Of Advanced Transitions In After Effects With Jr. Canest

Duration: 1 hr 3 Min

  Tutorial by: Learn Squared This is a true gem. Jr. Canest, who is arguably the most renown motion designer in the world, shows us how to animate intricate transitions while using After Effects! Tutorial is a bit long, but is goes over some really interesting processes and effects that can be helpful to your workflow! (Tutorial starts at 2:39) Follow Jr. Canest on Instagram See the final version here:

Create This Beautiful Sliced Gold Animation In Cinema 4D

Duration: 8 Min 31 Sec

3 Part Tutorial by: Roger Kilimanjaro You’ve probably seen his work all over instagram, as he has a very unique style that everyone has been trying to emulate. Roger K knows this, and has graciously given us this AMAZING 3 part Cinema 4D tutorial that will help you create a smooth sliced gold effect. A true artist for this century, we thank you Roger for providing us with so much free learning! Be sure to show him support by subscribing […]

The Furrow’s Covid-19 Animation Breakdown In After Effects

Duration: 1 hr 2 min

3 Part Tutorial by: School of Motion You may have seen these amazing animation on your feeds recently, helping to raise awareness for COVID-19. This amazing animation was created by The Furrow, a talented creative studio based in Lexington, Kentucky.  They have collaborated with School of Motion to show us how they created this animation behind the scenes, and have also provided free project files to download! From the instructor: When the quarantine started, The Furrow wanted to share healthy […]

Create This Stay Safe, Stay Home Typography Animation

Duration: 10 Min 30 Sec

Tutorial by: Move Shapes From the Instructor: Move shapes has some great simple tutorials that have been super impactful. Here they show us how to create this isometric animation from scratch. If you’d like to support Move Shapes, you can also download the source files!

How To Create Complex Hair Movement In After Effects

Duration: 39 Min 21 Sec

Tutorial by: Anthony Possobon Such a useful effect! Anthony Possobon not only shows you how to create this realistic looking hair animation, he also provides us with a useful script! From the instructor: I made a script. It animates hair. It’s free. Beginners beware, I’ll be covering advanced techniques with expressions and skimming over the basics. (Script only supports After Effects in English)  

Create This Smooth Soft Body Animation In After Effects

Duration: 12 Min 53 Sec

Tutorial by: Creative Dojo Creative Dojo was inspired by Hieu Vu’s Instagram and is showing us how to create this fluid soft body animation, solely in after effects! As one of the most senior veterans in the After Effects Tutorial game, we are so excited to see this fresh tutorial from Creative Dojo in 2020! If you enjoy their content as much as we do, be sure to give them a like or a subscribe.  Hieu Vu’s Instagram From the […]

Create This Trendy Twisted Type Effect In After Effects

Duration: 13 Min 21 Sec

Tutorial by: Josh Noel of Sonduck Films One of our favorite instructors, Josh Noel is back with another incredible tutorial. Today he teaches us how to create this trendy typography sequence. We’ve seen this style before in a similar tutorial from Dope Motions, but this is a new interesting take, with more effects. Josh also is gracious enough to provide project files, so you can download and check it out for yourself! From the instructor: These titles are crazy. In […]

Learn Advanced Techniques Using Cinema 4D And Redshift

Duration: 55 Min 42 Sec

Tutorial by: Joey Camacho and Cinema 4D by Maxon Today you can learn how to created advanced animations using Cinema 4D and Redshift! The Cinema 4D Channel gives away amazing free tutorials on their channel, lead by some of the most talented motion designers around. Be sure to give them a follow and show some support! From the Instructor: Learn Advanced Texturing Techniques with Cinema 4D and Redshift Raw & Rendered is Joey Camacho – a Canadian graphic designer creating […]

Create A 3D Virus In Element 3D And After Effects

Duration: 19 Min 54 Sec

Tutorial by: bijo varghese Learn how to animate a 3D Virus to help bring awareness to COV-19, The Pixel Lab is also offering a free Coronavirus 3D Model to download! Download the 3D file below and also watch this free tutorial and be sure to create videos of awareness!   Please Stay up-to-date, and stay safe on COVID-19. Get the latest information from the CDC about COVID-19.