Top 20 Motion Design Tutorials Of 2021

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It’s the end of 2021, and we have the most complete list of the top free motion design tutorials for the year, and what a fantastic year it has been! If you havent seen our previous years, be sure to check out our Top 20 Motion Design Tutorials of 2020, 2018, and 2017.

We have the most authoritative data for motion tutorials, and we have archived the best free tutorials from all across the world, to give you the most robust list of free motion tutorials of 2021. Our number one tutorial was from Mamaworld, who has also created the Squash and Stretch plugin. This plugin is powerful, and allows you to create animations in no time with a collection of ready to use behaviors, carefully handcrafted by professionals and controlled by an intelligent system – ensuring your animations come to life without starting from scratch each time. Our VFX and Element 3D category was the most popular categories this year, and a surge in popularity with tutorial artists like Bryan Delimata, Jalex Rosa, No Sleep Creative, Motion by Nick, and VFX Studio Koliba. Our most popular Cinema 4D Tutorial Artist this year was Nikolaus Schatz who amazed the motion design community by showing us how to add flowers to any 3D object. Congrats to all of the top tutorial artists this year, and be sure to subscribe to support them all!


Squash And Stretch For After Effects – Free Plugin

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Tutorial by: This is an amazing free plugin that is essential to add to your workflow. Squash, stretch and […]

This is an amazing tutorial for a free plugin that has nearly limitless capabilities. Well worthy of our number 1 spot.


How To Create NFT Crypto Art – VFX Breakdown

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Breakdown by: Motion by Nick We have been learning more and more about NFT’s every day, and this breakdown by […]

NFTs Were all the rage in 2021. This breakdown by Motion by Nick can get you up to speed, and has been super helpful for a ton of people this year.


Create Beautiful iPhone 12 Mock Ups Using After Effects And Element 3D

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Tutorial by: Minh Pham This is a simple tutorial on rending out the new iPhone 12 in Element 3D! As […]


Create A Transparent Phone Using After Effects

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Tutorial by: VFX Studio Koliba In this simple yet effective tutorial, you will learn how to create a transparent phone […]


Make Cosplay Look Real Using VFX

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Created by: Jalex Rosa If you have yet to hear of Jalex, man are you in for a treat. Fairly […]

This is more than a tutorial TBH. Jalex has taken the VFX world by storm with millions of views on youtube and a following like none other, Jalex proves why there's never been a better time to be a motion graphics designer.


Create Beautiful 3D Cards In After Effects

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Tutorial by: PremiumBeat by Shutterstock There are so many ways you can utilize 3D virtual cards. Now you can learn […]


Create Amazing Motion Trails Using Expressions In After Effects

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Tutorial by: NoSleepCreative One of our favorite instructors, NoSleepCreative is back with another thoughtful and well worth your while tutorial. […]

We are always impressed with No Sleep Creatives work, and no surprise to see him in the top 10. Looking forward to more from him in 2022.


Create This Glossy Glass Animation Using Cinema 4D And Redshift

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Tutorial by: The Rook’s Nest Inspired by the MS Office 365 Film below which was created by the studio Tendril, […]


Create This Beautiful Wave Animation Using Stardust

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Tutorial by: Taiga2 In this tutorial, you will learn how to create this beautiful, colorful curl wave animation using the […]


Cover Any 3D Object With Flowers Using Cinema 4D

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Tutorial by: Nikolaus Schatz We cant say enough great things about this channel and the content that Nikolaus makes. He […]

Our top Cinema 4D tutorial artists this year, Niko has been able to help thousands of motion designers bring their ideas to life, mimicking the most popular styles. This tutorial is a beauty and has been inspiring.


Create Stunning Crystals Using Cinema 4D And Redshift

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Tutorial by: TFMSTYLE We’ve seen these stunning crystal animations that are really beautiful and wondered how they were made. Well, […]


Create 4 Trippy Instagram Effects Using After Effects

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Tutorial by: SonduckFilm As usual, we are blown away by the talent that SonduckFilm puts together. He is at the […]


Create This Running Man Animation Using Cinema 4D and After Effects

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Tutorial by: New Plastic Wow we are in for a treat. New plastic is new to the tutorial scene, but […]


Create This Stylized 2D Animation Using After Effects

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Tutorial by: Motion Design School This is a simple yet effective tutorial on creating a “brush” style effect in After […]


Learn How To Recreate The Squid Game Logo Animation

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Tutorial by: TipTut The ever so popular Squid Game on Netflix is an vivid story of how far you will […]

With Squid Game being such a massive hit on Netflix in 2021, every motion designer had the same thought - how was this logo animated? Well, look no further thanks to TipTut.


Create This Line Art Animation Using After Effects

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Tutorial by: Effect For You In this tutorial you will learn how to create a line animation using shape layers […]


Create This Liquified 3D Face Using Cinema 4D And After Effects

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Tutorial by: Maxon It’s not often that you come across a tutorial and are simply blown away. Well, this is […]


Create This 2D Flood Animation In After Effects

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Tutorial by: Move Shapes In a nice change of pace, today we feature this complex 2D water / flood animation […]


Create This Liquid Logo Reveal Using Cinema 4D And Octane

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Tutorial by: Marc Urtasun This is an amazing tutorial if you are looking at ways to create a liquid logo […]


15 Amazing After Effects Plugins To Use In 2021

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Tutorial by: Boone Loves Video Let’s be honest. After Effects is made better by the amazing list of plugins that […]

Number 20 on our list breaks down 15 very handy plugins that you'll want to check out for 2021, thanks to Boone Loves Video.


Create A Stunning Face Morph Using After Effects

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Tutorial by: flomotion All I can say is wow. Flomotion is back again with another amazing tutorial, and it seems […]


Create This Amazing 3D Eye Using Cinema 4D and Xparticles

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Tutorial by: Cedric Fangeat This brilliant tutorial showcases a nice combination of Cinema 4D and Xparticles to create a beautiful […]


Create This Face Melting Effect Using Photoshop And After Effects

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Tutorial by: Domestika We are approaching a time where designers are paving the visual future of tomorrow. Look no further […]


Top Motion Design Trends To Look For In 2021

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Motion design has become quite useful in the advertising, marketing, and social media industry. It fuels business promotions to represent […]

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