Amazing Turtle Animation Breakdown Using After Effects And Cinema 4D

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | November 29, 2021

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Tutorial by: Eduard Mykhailov

It is truly amazing the amount of content that Eduard has made over the years. It is even more amazing that he chooses to share that content with the community, so we can all continue to learn and grow as motion designers. If you dont know much about Eduard Mykhailov, be sure to check out his instagram, and you can learn more about him. He is one of the most known motion designers in the world, and has now shown us how he created his latest beautiful piece.

You can check out the final result below:

From the instructor:

Long story short. So I was on vacation, and right after I landed back to home, I started doing this animation right away. Two days and it’s ready. I want to make more of this kind of videos, like on @excision live shows. This is the process of creating this animation. Thank you for the support.




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