Create and Animate Stylized 3D Text In After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | October 18, 2021

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Tutorial by: Mograph Mill

Sometimes we forget the amazing versatility that is availible to us in After Effects. Today, Mograph Mill reminds us of the custom capablities built into After Effects when it comes to creating 3D Text! Here you will learn how to re-create this cell-animation like 3D text effect that is highly specilized. You can also download the project files! Be sure to subscribe to Mograph Mill and show your support!

Download Project Files

From the instructor:

Hello! In this Adobe After Effects tutorial we'll be creating some awesome stylised 3D text. It's all done within after effects and we'll be using the built in 3D extrude tools as a base which we'll then be tweaking to get a much cooler text effect.