Create This Advanced Burn Effect In After Effects Without Plugins

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | October 14, 2021

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Tutorial by: Texturelabs

This is such an essential effect to add to your motion design workflow. Creating these programatic burn edges could serve a lot of needs, and it doesnt always have to be fire, or something burning. You can use this effect to create cool transitions and to add more texture to your vfx. Be sure to subscribe to Texturelabs to watch more great tutorials. If you would like to download the project files, support Texturelabs by becoming a patreon!

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From the instructor:

In this tutorial, we’ll check out an After effects setup for a high quality burning transition effect. Using only native effects, we’ll generate glowing embers, trailing smoke, heat distortion, and more. Need the AE file created in this tutorial? Help support Texturelabs on Patreon at the Expert Level and get access to this project file and much more… everybody wins!