Top 20 Tutorials Of 2017

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Learn How To Create This Complex Shape Layer Animation


Tutorial by: Boutaib Yassine We are super impressed by Mr Popo’s amazing tutorial that breaks down Tony Zagoraios Alpha TV project, which uses shape layers, textures and gradient to make this eye poping logo animation. Not only does he break it down, he also gives us the PROJECT FILES! Learning how to re-create this look is essential for all mograph animators as it’s seen everywhere. Be sure to subscribe to his page to see the other 3 parts in the […]

Create A Realistic Composite Between Cinema 4D and After Effects


Tutorial by: Fattu Tutorials This tutorial is a much watch for anyone that is trying to composite footage between C4D and After Effects! Fatty Tutorials breaks it down simply. Make sure you check out his other work! From the instructor: A tutorial on how to create realistic compositing on a live -action footage using After Effects adnCinema 4D. DOWNLOAD PROJECT FILE    

Learn How to Create This Psychedelic Looping Animation


Tutorial by: motionsquared Motionsquared gives us an indepth look into how he created his viral sensation Trinity 4K. This detailed tutorial covers both Cinema 4D and After Effects! From the instructor: Learn how to create a trippy VJ Loop in Cinema 4D. Based on the VJ Loop 003 – Trinity Cineme 4D Texture Packs Bundle  –… Motion Squared Store –… Thanks for watching.

Create A Face Rig And Character Head Animation


Tutorial by: Gigantic Gigantic shows us how to create this awesome face rig and head animation using super easy plugin! I’ve never seen a face rig done so easily! From the instructor: 👉👉👉 GET MY STUFF AND SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: I will show you how to create a head animation in After Effects. This is EASY and FAST facial rigging tutorial. I will use After Effects and plugin called Joystick ‘n Sliders. You can try it for free. 100 […]

Learn How To Create This Futuristic Flame Thrower Effect


Tutorial by: CREATRIX VISUALS In this epic tutorial, you will learn how to create an awesome futuristic flame thrower effect! From the instructor: Repulsor Flamethrower VFX:… Repulsor Blaster VFX Pack:… Twitter: Facebook:… The ultimate Sci-Fi Flamethrower VFX Project File showcased as bonus content at the “Repulsor Blaster VFX Pack”. It includes everything one will need to replicate and study the effect! From the visual assets to the footage recording and the sound effects this is the […]

Re-Create Yondu’s Arrow From Guardians Of The Galaxy


Tutorial by: ProductionCrate For those of you familiar with Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy, you’ll know that he uses his amazing arrow to syphon off bad guys in a flash. ProductionCrate helps us all recreate this effect, but also offers up some great goodies along with it! From the Instructor: Download these free VFX here –… FOLLOW US……… Be sure to check out the Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer below!  

Create This Epic Wonder Woman Moving Poster


Tutorial by: C.M. de la VEGA CM de la VEGA is helping us all become pros at After Effects! In this tutorial, he shows us how to create this epic poster / key art animation for the new movie Wonder Woman, which comes out next month! Check out the Wonder Woman Trailer below! From the instructor: Learn how to create a movie motion poster in After Effects. School of Motion Graphics: Facebook Group:… Music by Johnny Rock:

Learn How To Create This 3D Pixelation Effect


Tutorial by: ArmaganVideos As seen in the Big Sean ft. Migos Sacrifices music video,  Armagan shows us how to replicate this dope 3D pixellation effect! Check out the effect in the Sacrifices video below:  

Create This Amazing Lightning Storm Logo Reveal


Tutorial by: bijo varghese Bijo shows us how to create this amazing lightning storm logo reveal using Trapcode Particular! Particular is a powerful plugin, but Bijo takes it to another level. Check out the amazing tutorial above!   From the instructor: Free project file : (Need plugin trapcode particular 2) font :

Re-Create This Sticker Fight Effect Like The Apple Commercial


Tutorial by: PremiereGal Learn how to create the sticker fight effect like Apple’s sticker fight commercial! From the instructor: Download fayIN: – there is really so much you can do with this plugin! I’ve made many tutorials with it! Discounts: Get 10% off SoundStripe music for filmmakers. Just $10/month and u get unlimited music! Get 10% off any Editors Keys products using code PREMGAL17 Get 15% off FilmImpact Transitions using code PREMIEREGAL You can buy Premiere […]

Learn How To Create This Bobble Head Effect


Tutorial by: Justin Odisho Check out this super cool tutorial on how to re-create G-Eazy x Carnage – Guala ft. Thirty Rack’s video bobble head effect! Super useful VFX trick, using motion tracking and some cool compositing effects! From the instructor: Learn how to create a big head manipulation effect in this After Effects tutorial like in G-Eazy’s Guala Music Video. Get the latest version of Adobe After Effects CC here: Check out my favorite camera gear: ————————————————————— […]

Learn How To Create This Gorgeous Alien Flower in Cinema 4D


2 Part Tutorial By: Daniel Danielsson In this tutorial Daniel Danielsson Shows us how to create this amazing 3D flower using C4D! If you’re a beginner to Cinema 4D and would like to learn more, check out our post on learning C4D for the first time.   Part 2 From the instructor: Part one of the Alien Flower tutorial series – on how to create & animate a growing and infinitely blooming flower in Cinema 4D. In Parte Uno we […]

Create This Epic Nebula Galaxy Particle Effect


Tutorial by: Peder Norrby Peder is a genius in all things trapcode, as seen by his amazing work here, but he has given us all a glimpse into his awesomeness by providing source files for us to create this amazing galaxy / nebula particular effect! Download the free Project file here From the instructor: Create nebulae in After Effects with Trapcode Mir and Form. Tutorial on using the Nebula Construction Kit AEP.  

Learn How to Throw Lightning Like The Flash


Tutorial by: lonearcherfilms Lonearcher Films just created this EPIC tutorial on how to throw lightning, like The Flash! Be sure to download his awesome lightning pack! From the instructor: Throw lightning just like The Flash with Part 1 of an all new STRIKE pack! All are PNG sequences compatible with After effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Hitfilm, and Sony Vegas. DOWNLOAD LINK:… SUPPORT US ON PATREON: Scored by Filmstro: 20% Annual subscriptions code: MAHGAWD_ANN Shortcuts for Filmstro: […]

Learn How To Dodge Bullets like Neo From The Matrix

Duration: Tutorial by: After Effects Tutorials by Moraru There’s been a lot of talk about a new matrix reboot, and it’s super timely that Moraru has created this amazing Matrix tutorial! This time Moraru teaches us how to re-create this amazing scene from The Matrix, in which Neo famously dodge’s bullets. Check out the news about the reboot in the video below, and don’t forget to download the raw footage! %CODE1_RES_600% From the instructor: How to make effect from Matrix […]

Learn How To Create The “Ghost In The Shell” Intro Animation


Tutorial by: RocketStock You’ve seen all the trailers. Ghost In the Shell is almost upon us, and RocketStock has hooked us up with this AWESOME re-creation tutorial. He breaks down how to add this unique glitch effect, as well as offers up the after effects files for us to download! Thanks Rocketstock! From the Instructor: In this video tutorial we’re going to create some Ghost in the Shell inspired titles in After Effects. Download the Free Project File: If you […]

Learn How To Create This Spiderman Web Sling Effect


2 Part Tutorial by: Jacob Dalton If your like me, you’ve seen this effect done time and time again. This tutorial is different. In this 2 Part Tutorial, Jacob shows us how to re-create that iconic Spiderman scene, where Peter Parker discovers how to create a durable web. This is an awesome detailed VFX tutorial, and Jacob uses Element 3D v2, so make sure you have that installed before watching. DOWNLOAD THE FOOTAGE:… Part 2 From the instructor: In […]

Learn How To Create Wolverine Claws From The Movie “Logan”

Duration: Tutorial by: After Effects Tutorials by Moraru Moraru has done it again. This time he shows us how to create this awesome Wolverine claw effect! He also has provided us with Photoshop and After Effect files! From the instructor: How to make effect from Wolverine Claws – Logan – X Men – Healing Effect – X Man – Hugh Jackman – in Adobe After Effects CC 2015 tutorial LINK TO FREE SOCIAL ICONS After Effects Template –… Wolverine Claws […]

Learn How To Create The Power Rangers Zordon Effect


Tutorial by: RocketStock Caleb Ward from RocketStock has created an awesome tutorial mimicking the Zordon effect from the New Power Rangers Movie! He also provided the download files for us all to use. If you haven’t see the newest Power Rangers Trailer, check out the trailer below the break. You can see the Zordon Effect at about 55 seconds.   From The Instructor: In this After Effects tutorial we’ll take a look at how to create a Power Rangers’ Zordon effect. […]

Learn How To Create and Track Text Call Outs

Duration: Tutorial by: GFXfarm From the instructor: In this video tutorial you will learn how to create a call out title in after effects using a Live Action footage which include 3D motion tracking Keep Supporting my Channel for this kind of tutorials website : Facebook Page : Twitter : Patreon Page :

How To Freeze Rain And Time

Duration: Tutorial by: After Effects Tutorials by Moraru In this tutorial Moraru teaches us how to freeze time and rain using Trapcode Form. Be sure to like our page for more tutorials! From the instructor: Water Texture which I used –… Support my channel – Buy yourself an awesome After Effects Template here –… Or you can Donate via to this account – [email protected] – My referral link for registration! Trapcode Form Plugin –… I […]