Create Beautiful 3D Letters And Materials Using Cinema 4D

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | October 4, 2021

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Tutorial by:  Angelo Konofaos

Glossy and beautiful lettering is not an easy feat to pull off, especially in 3D. Well, now you will learn how to create this effect thanks to Angelo, who is the youtube master for these type of effects! Here, you will not only learn how to create the 3D Letterings, but also learn how to light them and create the best materials for them as well. Be sure to show some support for Angelo Konofaos by subscribing and following him on Instagram. 

From the instructor:

How to create a custom 3D letter on Cinema 4D step by step for beginners. This tutorial video shows an easy way to create a custom letters in Cinema 4D using the spline tool, create, edit and apply a simple material, add lighting and export it with transparent background. You'll also learn how to easily created C4D materials to use on 3D letterings or any other object you'd like.


Bonus: Create 3D Lettering Step By Step




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