Add The Batmobile To A Scene Using Cinema 4D

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | September 28, 2020

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Tutorial by: Effect-A-Tron

This is where you should start if you are just trying to get into the basics of Cinema 4D Tracking. In this really well done series, you will learn how to set up and effectively create realistic 3D tracking shots that are simple to execute, sometimes even in 1-click! Be sure to support Effect-a-tron so that they can continue to create these amazing tutorials!

From the instructor:

I wanted to create a tutorial that covered the entire process from start to finish. We cover filming, tracking, compositing, and exporting for Motion tracking using Cinema 4d R20's Motion Tracker! I show how to composite with Redshift but also how to with the Physical Renderer. I cover a ton of topics! Hopefully it helps! Thank you so much for watching! It means a lot.

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In Depth 3D Tracking In Cinema 4D For Beginners