Create This Colorful Topology Map Using Cinema 4D And Redshift

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | January 10, 2022

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Tutorial by: PixelAffair

It's amazing to see all of the talented tutorial artists out there. Today we are featuring PixelAffair, who is breaking down this beautiful, colorful topology map effect using cinema 4d. If you think this looks familiar, you may be thinking about one of our top tutorials from 2020 by Trak  which covers a similar effect. PixelAffair breaks this effect down even more thoroughly, and uses inspiration from Andras Kiraly, who inspired this animation.  Be sure to support PixelAffair and check out some of his other tutorials!

From the instructor:

Colorful Matrix in Cinema 4d and Redshift with C4D Mograph Shader Effector and Matrix




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