Learn The Basics Of Morphing 2D Objects In After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | November 1, 2021

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Tutorial by: Protips AE

We will be diving into morphing in this tutorial, but with much more detail than usual. Morphing at a high level, is the ability to blend two completely different objects or scenes seamlessly, using several different techniques. At times, it can be challenging to sort out what the best morphing technique could be, but you should approach each morphing challenge independently. We have a ton of morphing tutorials, but this one will go into detail about all of the different techniques, from basic to complicated. Be sure to follow Protips AE for more amazing tutorials!

From the instructor:

Morphing is transformation of an object into another one.You will constantly have a deal with these kind of tasks. There is always something to morph in the project: one icon to another, or make a transition between scenes... To tell the truth, nicely done morphings are one of the most important attributes of high quality motion design.




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