Learn How To Create Digital Makeup – Face Tracking

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | October 28, 2018

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Tutorial by: flomotion

Wow! 😯 😮  This tutorial is as thorough as it gets. Flomotion breaks down how to put on make up digitally using motion tracking!

From the instructor:

In this digital make up paint tutorial by flomotion you will learn how to track separate parts of a face, including chin, cheek, eyes, eye brows, mouth lips as well as the full face and hair and apply digital make-up to it. You will learn how to motion-track the footage using Mocha for After Effects within the new version of Adobe After Effects CC 2019. In this video of the President of the U.S.A. Donald Trump, where you see him holding his speech at the UN general assembly, he gets transformed into the new Joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix in the new Batman DC Movie "Joker", directed by Todd Phillips. You will learn how to track different parts of Donald Trump's face by using the spline tool in Mocha. In After Effects we will use transform data as well as corner pin data to create the final look of a digital make up. You will also learn how to track a Harley Quinn Pin to his Jacket, as well as changing the color with a hue and saturation effect in After Effects. With the same technique you can create other effects that need tracked parts of a face. Like in the intro to this video you see me adding a laser / shine effect to my eyes, as well as a scar to my cheek. All of this has the exact same workflow and can be achieved after watching this tutorial lesson. All of the effects can be achieved with the Creative Cloud 2019 version of Adobe After Effects without the use of a third party plug in. Learn all the steps from beginner to professional on how to create realistic VFX / visual effects I will also talk about the benefits you will have, when using mocha pro, which you can also run as a plug-in for After Effects. The lesson is easy to follow for beginners, but as it is the first time, mocha runs within after effects as a plug in, this will also be very helpful for experienced compositing artists. In the tutorial you will also learn handy tips and tricks for an over all realistic look, such as highlights on the makeup, or integration with the skin, and skin-tone. After the tutorial lesson you will also be able to roto with mocha and to create masks out of the rotoed shapes you have created. This will improve your over all roto skills. I hope you will have a lot of fun watching this clip, and also the tutorial, which you will find in the link below. If you like what you see: - leave me a comment - give a "Thumbs up" and - subscribe because then I can do many many more of those clips and tutorials! original footage is from BBC (here it is changed to DC) Have a lot of fun animating and tracking in After Effects.