Create This Amazing Diamond NFT Animation Using Element 3D

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | January 24, 2022

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Tutorial by: NPS 3D™

We are so excited to share this tutorial with you all. NPS 3D really needs no introduction, but if you have never seen his work, he is a master at Element 3D. Today he will break down his process for creating this beautiful diamond NFT project that is sure to impress. There are so many great learnings in this tutorial, we HIGHLY encourage you to subscribe to his youtube, and if you aren't already, follow NPS3D on instagram. If you would like to download the project files, you can become a patron and download this project file as well as a ton more. Be sure to show some support to NPS, so he can keep delivering amazing content like this!

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From the instructor:

I am so obsessed with these NFTs. That's why I started making more stuff and I thought let's share these things with you guys too. Recently I sold my first NFTs and that's really cool, if you guys are interested let me know I will share my experience with you guy's too. Hope that tutorial is worth it for you guys. Thanks for watching




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