Learn How To Create This Complex Shape Layer Animation

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | December 18, 2017

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Tutorial by: Boutaib Yassine

We are super impressed by Mr Popo's amazing tutorial that breaks down Tony Zagoraios Alpha TV project, which uses shape layers, textures and gradient to make this eye poping logo animation. Not only does he break it down, he also gives us the PROJECT FILES! Learning how to re-create this look is essential for all mograph animators as it's seen everywhere. Be sure to subscribe to his page to see the other 3 parts in the series!

From the instructor:

Part number 1 of 4: advanced logo animation. Tutorial is a recreation of TONY ZAGORAIOS ALPHA TV project, check it out here.

And of course, my name is Mr popo, and ill see you guys soon :) AYYYYY LETS GOOWWWWWWWW

My project file: https://goo.gl/zrjR6g