Create This Running Man Animation Using Cinema 4D and After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | January 5, 2021

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Tutorial by: New Plastic

Wow we are in for a treat. New plastic is new to the tutorial scene, but has graciously provided this amazing tutorial that shows us how to create this awesome abstract running man animation using Cinema 4D, OctaneRender, Mixamo and After Effects. He goes by Ojeng on Instagram, so be sure to find him there and show some support for his amazing work! We particularly like this tutorial because of his approach to compositing the Iphone video file with the 3D running man. Really great quality content, and we look forward to seeing what else he puts out!

Download Free 3D Plant 1

Download Free 3D Plant 2

Download Free 3D Plant 3

From the instructor:

In this Cinema 4D tutorial we're going to learn how to create this looping animation from scratch, using Octane rendering engine. We'll use Quixel Bridge & Mixamo for our assets and characters, and use After Effects for creating looping animated textures. We'll go over lighting, composition & compositing. Since this tutorial channel is new, I'd love to get some feedback, suggestions or questions if you think there's anything I can do better or something I should focus more on. Let the learning begin!