Create This Missing Face Effect In After Effects And Blender

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | July 21, 2020

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Tutorial by: Steve Ramsden - Unexplored Films

Wow. This is incredible. Steve Ramsden is fairly new on the scene, but we have been following his work and it just keeps getting better. In this tutorial, Steve shows us how to create this missing face effect you've probably seen in popular shows and movies like Breaking Bad and The Dark Knight. This is an advanced effect that requires a lot of planning before hand, but Steve does an amazing job breaking down all of the elements so you understand the technique. Be sure to show him some support and check out his website for more content!


From the instructor:

Here's our latest video effect - a character has half his face missing, revealing the skull beneath! This sort of shot has been seen in Breaking Bad (Gus Fring's death ) and The Dark Knight (Harvey Two Face), often when a character turns to reveal the injury detail. It is also similar to effects seen on the cursed skeleton pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean, and in Imhotep in The Mummy, Made using Blender to animate the 3D skull, and then composited in Adobe After Effects, also used to create the explosion and debris elements.