Create This Jump Into A Giant Cup Trick

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | August 8, 2017

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Tutorial by: VideoFort

Videofort gives us another awesome tutorial, this one shows us how jump into a giant cup!

From the instructor:

For today I'll show you how to create the movie magic trick where your actor/actress will jump into a drinking cup. It is fairly straight forward and if you saw my tutorial from a couple days ago on perspective, you'll probably already know how to do it. These types of "optical illusion" effects have been popularized by many Vine stars include Zach King & Kevin Parry. So this is essentially a Zach King tutorial as well. The nice thing about this one is you can use any camera, even an iPhone camera to shoot this. So nothing should stop you on trying this effect. Once you create it and post it on Instagram, tag us so we can see it @videofort !

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