Create All 4 Avatar: The Last Airbender Elements Using Trapcode Particular

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | February 11, 2021

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Tutorials by: CG Visuals # VFX

These amazing tutorials are fantastic if you are trying to create realistic bending effects using after effects. The Legend Of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender, are a popular anime series that has taken the world by storm after Netflix announced it would be doing a live action version of the series. This tutorial shows you how to create realistic bending effects, using Trapcode Particular and a plugin that was created by CG Visuals called Trapcode Elements.  Though it's not free, this plugin allows you to create these elements simply. You can purchase the plugin below. Be sure to support CG Visuals by dowloading the plugin below and following them on Instagram!

Download Trapcode Elements Plugin

Earth Bending

Water Bending

Air Bending


Watch the full live action remake of The Legend Of Korra by CG Visuals





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