Add A Tiger Into Your Footage Using After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | January 17, 2021

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Tutorial by: flomotion

This is about as advanced as they come. Learn how to easily composite this tiger shot into your footage using After Effects! flomotion, who already has some amazing tutorials posted on our site, breaks down this effect so thoroughly, you would think you paid a pretty penny for him sharing his knowledge! Not only that, he has provided us with free green screen files to download this amazing tiger footage! Be sure to so some support for flomotion and all their channel!

Download Free Tiger Footage (Expires 12/2022)

From the instructor:

Add a TIGER to your video - advanced AdobeAfter Effects green screen keying tutorial.

By the way "" have The American Humane Association on all shoots monitoring the health and safety of the animals on-set, and qualify for the use of the ’No Animals Were Harmed” end credit disclaimer!

How to be the "Tiger King" in After Effects - advanced green screen keying tutorial In this tutorial I will give you an in depth overview of a professional green screen keying workflow. You will get tips and professional tricks for creating an amazing green screen key in Adobe After Effects. I will show you what you need to take care of when shooting your footage, as well as what to take care of if you are not the creator of the green or blue screen footage but have to work with it in post production. You will get handy tips for your on set work as well as preparation. pre and post production. You will learn which codecs are best for keying and chroma work. Learn how to use a de-noiser and I will show you the built in de-noiser as well as some industry standard plugins. And I will also go over a "de-noise" - re-noise workflow. For the keying you will learn how to set up a soft key and a core key, and how to best combine those two. I am going to show you how to use keylight in after effects and I am also going through the different methods for keying, for beginners as well as professionals. Learn how to create a matte do drive your key, learn how to use different green screen keys for a final matte as well as a shadow matte.




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