3 Amazing RGB Liquid Text Tutorials In After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | August 31, 2020

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Tutorial by: Griffin GFX

Not only will you learn how to create this popular instagram effect, but you will also be able to download the project files so you can follow along! Be sure to show support for all of the creators below.

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From the instructor:

After teaching you guys how to create a vibrant melting liquid text effect in Photoshop I decided we should bring it to life by animating it inside Adobe After Effects. If you haven't seen the first parts don't worry because I'm working on a new and improved way of teaching this effect.

2) Liquid Melting Text Effect

Tutorial by: Dope Motions

From the instructor:

Hey everyone in this after effects tutorial we will learn how to create Liquid Melting Text Effect in After Effects we don't need to use any plugins for these effects its made 100% in after effects. this tutorial will also cover topics like text melting effect, liquify in after effects, text distortion effects, and more!

Download Project Files


3) Liquid Warp Typography

Tutorial by: Storm


Bonus: Cyberpunk Glitch Text Tutorial

Tutorial by: Ben Marriott

From the instructor:

In this After Effects tutorial, I show you the simplest tips and tricks to create a cyberpunk futuristic LED glitch effect & transition. The method can be applied to any layer and create glitch transitions between any scenes. This animation tutorial is suitable for beginners.