Finger Beam Tracking Tutorial

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | June 17, 2016

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Tutorial by: 2004BeachBum

Using CS5.5 for Windows --I will show you how to create the illusion that your fingers are connected together with elastic stretching rubber bands or beams. The fingers are tracked with Mocha AE, corner pin data is imported to 5 Null layers (fingers) in AE - the data for only one corner pin is used (others are deleted), Efx-Generate-Beam is applied to 10 new solid layers, and then the start & end points for each beam layer is pic-whipped to the Null (finger) corner pin data. *** To open up Expressions in beam layers: press Alt+Starting Point stopwatch, or Alt+End Point stopwatch, then pic-whip to Corner Pin data points.... You can also open Expressions by highlighting the Beam starting point or end point, then click on Animation in the tool bar, and Add Expression.




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