Create Dynamic Dots and Lines Using The Network Plugin

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | February 19, 2018

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Tutorial by: Creation Effects

We were blown away by the amazing things that can be done with the 'Network' plugin. It costs $15 dollars, but the amount of control and detail you can create with it is astounding. Check out the tutorial above. You can purchase 'Network' with the link below.

From the instructor:

This tutorial shows how to use the 'Network' effect for After Effects, available for $15.


Create and animate complex networks of dots and connecting lines - perfect for creating abstract, science and technology-themed backgrounds. Create unlimited groups of dots that you can animate independently using the motion controls, and connect them within the group, or with other dot groups - giving you more control in your animations. Use a variety of types of lines, such as straight, dotted, lightning, and audio-driven waveforms. Slider controls allow or quick and easy customization of points and lines.




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