Create Amazing Motion Trails Using Expressions In After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | March 4, 2021

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Tutorial by: NoSleepCreative

One of our favorite instructors, NoSleepCreative is back with another thoughtful and well worth your while tutorial. This time, he breaks down the process of creating these amazing, procedural Motion Trails, inspired by the technique done by Vucko in the Power Of Like. This short has gathered thousands of views for it's provocative message, but it also has some interesting usage of trail animations. We see a break down of this effect down very well, and we highly recommend following him on instagram to see more of his work! He has also provided a script that we can dowload below to use in your own projects.


Download The Expression Preset

From the instructor:

Learn how to build your own reusable Motion Trail Animation Preset using shape layers and expressions. I also provided a free motion trail animation preset that you can use immediately without having to write any expressions.




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