Stash Financial – The Banking Revolution

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | November 10, 2018

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Created by: Method Studios

From the creator:

The Stash Financial team came to Method looking to create an epic visual piece to introduce their new banking services and card. The goal was to break the norms that skipped the “how it works” standards and make a statement with a [post-Apocalyptic,] Blade Runner-inspired world that dramatizes the status quo of the current banking services, and highlighting their new banking services. We began creating story boards based off of a script provided by Stash. We then developed our hero character John and the Debt Bots through a few rounds of design character exploration. Unique cloth simulations were created with Marvelous Designer which was independently simulated on top of our base animations to add fine clothing details to our main character, adding an extra flair to enhance our slow-motion shots. A single, vast cityscape was modeled and textured to create our Stash-world — each shot was carefully staged within this environment and brought to life through the use of dynamic camera moves built in C4D that drove our main narrative of John’s quest to financial freedom. As an added polish, dozens of neon signs were created to convey key callouts of the old-world v. Stash-world which also added a nice atmospheric look and feel to tie the piece together. The entire spot was rendered through the use of GPU rendering.

Client: Stash Financial

Director: Jon Noorlander
Art Director: Ivan Girard
Executive Producer: Adrienne Mitchell
Sr. Producer: Emily Schaeberle
Coordinator: Billy McMillen
Designers: Courtland Noble, Nan Wei, Hogan Williams, Jason Diaz, Wes Ebelhar, Johnny Likens,
Animators: Goran Ognjanovic, Ivan Girard, Jon Noorlander
Compositing: Jon Noorlander, Jason Diaz, Ivan Girard.
Rigger: Ohad Bracha
CG Supervidor: Alex Cheparev
Modeler: Brian Dinoto, David Derwin




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