Complete Intro To Motion Design: 4 Part Masterclass

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | August 25, 2020

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4 Part Tutorial by: TipTut

If you are new to motion design and are unsure where to begin, this is the best place to start. TipTut does an incredible job breaking down these motion design techniques so that beginners can follow along. By the end of this series you will be animating like the pros! Be sure to show support TipTut on Instagram, and follow his youtube for more cool tutorials.

From the instructor:

Welcome to this new journey! We're taking a deep dive into Motion Design and recreating this little lighter character! In this episode, we set up our character in Illustrator, ready for adding texture in Photoshop.

Part 2

In this episode, we add some texture to our illustrator file using photoshop, and prepare our photoshop file for after effects!

Part 3

In this episode, we start adding some motion in After Effects! We take a look at adding some animated noise, basic motion and other cool ideas!

Part 4

In this episode, we continue to refine our animation, and add some frame by frame animation via an integrated Adobe Animate file, and with that, we're done!




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