Godfather Of Harlem – Title Motion Design Breakdown

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | December 7, 2020

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Tutorial by: The Futur Academy and Peter Pak

This is such stellar information that you just cant get anywhere else. Matthew Encina, and Emmy award winning designer and animator from The Futur hosts Peter Pak, and they do a deep dive into Peter's work on the Godfather of Harlem Title Sequence. This complex sequence showcases beautiful collages and mixed media techniques, and Peter breaks down every part, even the pitch process. Be sure to support Matthew and The Futur who put out amazing content!

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From the instructor:

In this live stream, designer, Peter Pak, will talk about his personal approach towards design, and will break down the entire process of creating a collage style design sequence for the show, “Godfather of Harlem.” Joined by the host, Matthew Encina, him and Peter will discuss the most common advice Peter gives to artists like sticking to the fundamentals of design, finding answers to the Five W's and how. Peter Pak is an Emmy Award-Winning Motion Designer/Animator/Art Director based in Los Angeles. He is a multidisciplinary creative with a love for illustration, storytelling, characters, and history.





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