15 Amazing After Effects Plugins To Use In 2021

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | April 20, 2021

Tutorial by: Boone Loves Video

Let’s be honest. After Effects is made better by the amazing list of plugins that it offers. There is an endless list of motion designers looking for ways to better the workflow, and to amazing tools to help others create. Boone does an amazing job focusing on a great list of plugins for 2021, and we’ve listed the links below so you can check them out for yourself. Be sure to show some support for Boone by following him on youtube!

From the instructor:

From boosting your productivity to having a bit of fun, here are 15 plugins, extensions and scripts that will supercharge your Adobe After Effects experience in 2021.






Easy Bounce

Monkey Wipes


Subtitle Pro

Shadow Studio

Expression Universalizer



Frequency React

Mocha Pro


easy rulers 2




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