Step by Step: Swimming Character Creation and Animation

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | July 31, 2017

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Tutorial by: Motionographer YouTube

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Emanuele Colombo breaks down this amazing swimming character animation from scratch!

From the instructor:

With the boom of 2D animation, I'd wager that you've come across Emanuele Colombo's work at some point. Over the years, Emanuele's continuously been putting out great work that is often fun, engaging, and expertly animated.

In this month's Step by Step, we're thrilled to bring you a recording from Emanuele that dives into the world of one of his cute characters as he takes us through his process.

View on Motionographer here:

For more info on the Step by Step series please visit our first profile here:

You can find more of Emanuele's work here:




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